Foundary Truck

Possibly the most heavy duty foundary cart we have ever seen rolled into our east london workshop this morning. Here is a sneak preview.

It will make an astounding vintage industrial centre piece.

Keep an eye on the new arrivals page on our website where it will be posted when complete - if it isn't purchased before.

industrial age table saw

This cast iron industrial relic is one of the more unusual pieces we have seen this year.

Once upon a time it would have been driven by a belt in a Lancashire saw mill. Now destined to be a decorative merchandising piece for a vintage clothes store.

Norman Ackroyd's Open Studio

We were invited by our friend Norman Ackroyd RA to share a mince pie at his open studio event  last weekend.

His print studio is spread over the two lower floors of a ramshackle converted Victorian factory building in Southwark. It is a great space. Aside from the display of his delicate and refined etchings and paintings we were particularly impressed with his cast-iron printing presses on the ground floor. Well-oiled and still working.

Norman's studio is full of rare objects. Our eyes caught a few of them and they are for us a real source of inspiration...Here they are scattered on improvised shelves inbetween bits and bobs. Can you spot them?

Norman Ackroyd
from Malin Head - Tory Island
Etching 2009
23 X 27 cm

before and after

some people ask us how our stock looks before it receives the kiss of life...

...all rusty, left in the rain, nearly forgotten at the back (and outside to boot) of a barn.
These fantastic lamps were found several months ago after a tip off  from a customer (thanks nick !)

Not just one lamp, but a dozen of them. Formerly 10KW lamps used by the great British studios at Pinewood. In their day these lamps would have been illuminating the acting of Sean Connery in James Bond, not to mention Sid James, Barbara Windsor et al in the Carry On films.

We salvaged what we could and struggled to load them onto our truck and take them back to our warehouse as they were very very heavy! After looking at them for a long time and trying to decide what was to be done the hard work started. It is true to say that the men who built these lamps were extraordinarily skillful and their handiwork and engineering was astounding.

We hope we have managed to revive the lamps and do them justice. From sandblasting and polishing to stripping, rebuilding and rewiring with new domestically friendly tungsten halide bulbs - 200W rather than 10 000W...these amazing extra large studio lamps (the biggest we have ever seen) are now mounted and ready to light your space.

Country &Town House Wish List

'Stylish and Sophisticated'. chose these vintage car trunks from elemental for their recent September feature in Country&Town House Magazine. The trunks can double up as coffee tables. You might also like these:

A limited series of boxes from the university of london library are ideal for storage. Very strong riveted construction. Available online at

Luggage from the early era of aviation. Very clean white pigskin and complete interiors with rails and hangers entact. Rare in this condition. Three available, but can be sold individually.

elemental fashion

Designers Aurore Thibout and Laurence Teillet will lead the fashion design masterclass in Drexel University in Philadelphia  this October. 'Illusion' wishing to see is enough to believe that you are seeing...

'Memory clothes' by designer maker Aurore Thibout. Exhibition at elemental , December 2008.

To see more of Aurore Thibout 's work and one off pieces, visit

'decale' glass by Laurence Brabant

' decale ' glass by Laurence Brabant Editions. Styling by Miranda Sinclair, Photography by Franck Allais for The world of interiors, November 2009.
Buy ' decale ' glass at

laurence brabant glasswear

'Verre rouge' by Laurence Brabant. Reimagined traditional wine glass. Artisan mouthblown in France. Glass with hollow stem to show the colour of the wine. Made from borosilicate glass.
Glasswear collection by French designer Laurence Brabant is sold exclusively in London at

'Happy End' champagne flutes by Laurence Brabant. Small liquor glasses not cut at the usual level to integrate the part that is usually discarded in the manufacturing process. Champagne with less waste !

'Verre Decale' by Laurence Brabant. Twisted glass to be used as a water glass or juice glass.

cube light in Elle Decoration

Vintage white polyurethane cube lamp from elemental.
Styling by Laura Fulmine, photography by Uli Schade. For Elle Decoration December 08.

New furniture by Rupert Blanchard

Our new exhibition showcases the upcycled furniture creations of local artist, stylist, salvager and designer Rupert Blanchard.
Discover more and buy Rupert's upcycled furniture collection online at elemental.

elemental 'flip seat' in World of Interiors

Ernest race style chair made in harrow by du-al in the 1950s.  New hand-coloured red leather upholstery.
Featured in the World of Interiors June 2009.
Styling by Maud Hewlings and photography by Sean Myers.

elemental in living etc

Antique butcher table and theatre chairs from elemental. Photography Paul Massey. Styling Mary Weaver. Livingetc April 2009. You might also like these:

Old school table with grafitti teak top, seats 4. Available online

Original baumann chairs, classic diner design. Beautiful shape and detailing. Reupholstered in leather. They will perfectely match your vintage table! Get them online at

atomic hooks

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