before and after

some people ask us how our stock looks before it receives the kiss of life...

...all rusty, left in the rain, nearly forgotten at the back (and outside to boot) of a barn.
These fantastic lamps were found several months ago after a tip off  from a customer (thanks nick !)

Not just one lamp, but a dozen of them. Formerly 10KW lamps used by the great British studios at Pinewood. In their day these lamps would have been illuminating the acting of Sean Connery in James Bond, not to mention Sid James, Barbara Windsor et al in the Carry On films.

We salvaged what we could and struggled to load them onto our truck and take them back to our warehouse as they were very very heavy! After looking at them for a long time and trying to decide what was to be done the hard work started. It is true to say that the men who built these lamps were extraordinarily skillful and their handiwork and engineering was astounding.

We hope we have managed to revive the lamps and do them justice. From sandblasting and polishing to stripping, rebuilding and rewiring with new domestically friendly tungsten halide bulbs - 200W rather than 10 000W...these amazing extra large studio lamps (the biggest we have ever seen) are now mounted and ready to light your space.

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