New Year Sale

We are having a New Year Sale to make some space. Lots of one-off items reduced in price by up to 50%.
Buy online or visit us at our Spitalfields store.

Ten of these fantastic factory chairs remaining. Swivelling and height adjustable seats. Polished steel frames and plywood seats.

One of the last few pieces from Rupert Blanchard's upcycled collection of furniture. Lovingly put together and each piece unique. All now reduced.
A courtesy reduction of 10% off from our current collection of vintage mining lamps. These beautifully refurbished lamps work very well as focal points clustered in groups or in small runs so enjoy this temporary special price. 
All of our remaining pattern moulds have been reduced by 50%. Great abstract sculpture with a pop-art feel to decorate your walls.

Ruff Vintage

London continues to go from strength to strength as a centre for design excellence. We are very pleased to be featured in nya RUM - an interior design and architecture magazine in Sweden. A transcript of the interview is copied below:

How long have you had your store?

We have been trading from our Brushfield Street store in Spitalfields for the last 15 years and established our online offering 4 years ago after 2 years in development.

How would you describe it and the things you sell?

Our store and our on-line offering are a curated mixture of things that appeal to us and therefore will hopefully appeal to you. We are a source for restored, revitalised,re-interpreted and often re-imagined design, furniture, lighting and interiors. We aim our products with today's contemporary interiors in mind -be they commercial, retail, residential or project spaces.

Has the interest in vintage furniture increased the last years?

There has been a surge in interest in vintage furniture - be it industrial, old school, retro, or mid-century modern and demand seems to touch all generations. The increase in demand has also led to scarcity of supply for certain covetable pieces and we have seen prices in these areas rising.

What is the most popular product?

If there is demand we source many items in runs. At the moment factory lights, old school chairs, medical cabinets are all popular. We have just salvaged over 400 luggage racks from decommisioned railway carriages.

Where do you find all the fascinating furniture?

One of the exciting - and nail-biting - parts of the salvage industry is that we are never sure what will turn up next or from where! We turn away more offers than we accept as we are always looking for something that little bit different.

How much work do you do on each item before you sell it?

The amount of work depends on the piece itself. Does it already have integrity? Does it speak to us? Would we use it ourselves? How could we imagine using it? What possibiliites does it hold? Some pieces require no attention and other pieces require a lot. Some pieces speak straight away and we know what is to be done. Other pieces may sit untouched in our atelier literally for years as we come back to them again and again.

Vintage Mine Lamps

We have just received a very large consignment of vintage mining lamps from eastern europe. They have cleaned up beautifully and look really stunning when illuminated with their thick holophane glasses.

They have been rewired and fitted with earthed brass bayonet bulb-holders. They are ready to go!

xmas is sooner than you think ...

Rare collections of vintage glass decorate your home for xmas or perhaps as a beautiful present full of nostalgia to give to someone special... available now in store and online.

A Chair Affair

We have a good range of British Tubular Steel Chairs in batches of 30 to 100 and more in stock and coming into stock at the moment. Cox, Pel, Remploy, Dual, Stack-a-bye.

They have been popular with commercial and restaurant and bar fit-outs as well as private residential customers who are looking for some of that old-school feel at home.

Despite their pared down utilitarian appearance the chairs are often extremely comfortable - they were designed to be sat in for long periods! Individually or stacked in piles their lines are sleek and modern.

Our chairs are featured in this month's World of Interiors Magazine - The Chair Affair, December 2010.

Crafts Magazine

We were delighted to have the Origin Contemporary Craft Fair alongside us in Spitalfields for the London Design Festival in September.

The Festival continues to grow and go from strength to strength - this year with over 250 events spread over nine days - underlining the resiliance of London's creative base.

This month's Crafts magazine features a piece from our Design Festival exhibition by Rupert Blanchard. Well done Rupert!

Upholstery Workshop

When you see a nice reconditioned leather sofa, armchair or daybed on our website or in our store you may wonder what has been done to restore it and what is it like inside?

Our upholsterer is trained in true east-end traditional techniques. He strips old chairs back to the frames which are then glued and fixed as neccessary. Springs are re-tied and/or replaced, linings reset and padding layered as required.

The bare leather is cut to shape and stretched into place. It is often secured by upholsterer's pins, stitched or sometimes even buttoned - as you can see here on these wing chairs that were recently restored.

The final stage of the process is the colouring of the leather - either as here to colour the whole chair or also to colour match in where repairs have been done, panels replaced or new cushions have been added. Nice job Martin!

Bright Lights

We have a lot of new lighting coming into stock over the coming dark winter months. We have small runs and larger runs of salvaged and reconditioned factory pendants and bulkheads and street lamps as well as a few unique one-off pieces that we have also managed to source.

Our lighting has been used in many residential, office and retail developments over the past 12 months - including Soho House in Shoreditch and Berlin, Gant UK and Europe, Byron, The Breakfast Club, Nandos, 2020 London.

Our lights are featured in this month's World of Interiors including our reconditioned and polished massive 10kW Pinewood Studio Lamps from the 1950s. If you have the space we still have a few left !

You magazine

Elemental appeared last weekend in 'you' magazine. The interior of one of our customer's houses was featured. The butcher's table and the old theatre seats shown were both purchased from us. One of our current run of blackboards and easels were also shown

We have a very similar solid and chunky library table currently in stock.  And more theatre chairs coming into stock soon.

Exhibition - made not manufactured

An exhibition of one-off domestic furniture pieces constructed from a personal collection of found and reclaimed materials. The second collection to be shown at elemental focuses on Blanchard's extensive vintage and antique drawer, door, sign and box collection.

Preview Thursday 23rd September: 5.30-7.30pm. The exhibition opens on 24th september 2010 for the London Design Festival and the Origin Contemporary Craft Fair in Spitalfields. The exhibition will continue througout October. The pieces will be available for purchase both in-store and online.

vide grenier

I'm sure that most of us are aware of the French 'brocante'. But where do the French brocanteurs find their merchandise?....Welcome to the 'vide grenier' - literally empty attic.

We couldn't resist a nose in this house to sniff around for some bargains. The house belonged to the family 'pepe' or grandfather who now at 100 had been cajoled by the family into moving out. The house was a well-patched up old townhouse with a courtyard and buildings to the rear. It was a time-capsule full of interesting bric-a-brac and accumulations. Almost more art installation than attic clearance.

We did fall in love with a fantastic ceramic sink and drainer that was built into the garage but the owner was not willing to part with it. As ever we were unable to resist a few gems which we snapped up. In true French fashion the owner was happy to deliver them to us at our lodgings in his truck for free purely on the promise of an 'apero'. Some of them are pictured - see if you can spot them when they come online.....


Our furniture and lighting comes to us from all over the world - the UK and further afield. However all of the pieces that we sell are restored by hand in our own workshops in East London. Sometimes they are reimagined and other times simply restored in a sympathetic manner. We always try to let the integrity of the original piece shine through.

What goes on during a typical afternoon at the elemental atelier? Lots of tools buzzing doing several different jobs. Dirty, dusty, noisy and quite often smelly! It is not unusual for a single piece that is being restored to go through a dozen or more processes until we are happy with it.

Thanks to Nick one of our men in Poland for the Polish health and safety signs. Our favourite is the 'don't go to work drunk' if we would!

just arrived!

Just a small selection of our latest vintage finds now updated online.

Pair of salvaged black pendant lamps with long necks. Czech, c1950.

Vintage polished steel shelving removed from a workshop. UK, c1960.

Rare pair of 3 leg rowac stools from the Bauhaus factory. German, c1930.

We are now on facebook. Visit our new page. Give us a thumbs up and join our group if you like what you see!
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