foundary in czech republic

Once upon a time this job used to entail travel to exotic foreign destinations. But to paraphrase Brian Eno " sometimes the destination is not as important as the change of scene." We have been involved in the clearance of a huge foundary in the Czech Republic. Thanks to Johnny (with the pony tail in the picture) for all of his help and to Fred for all of his driving.

We have salvaged all sorts of workbenches, trolleys, lights, shelving, tables, lighting, industrial fittings and more. A small selection are pictured below.
They will be coming into stock over the next few months. We will keep you posted as to progress. Or do get in touch if you have specific requirements? When we receive our first consignment we will get to work renovating, restoring, refinishing, and reimagining all of these great pieces.

The smaller foundary benches shown here are over 3m long. The larger ones behind are over 5m. They have fantastic wear and will scrub up into character pieces with lots and lots of storage space.
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