Vintage Elementary Physiology

Carefully hoarded and passed on. We are pleased to offer for sale a rare set of vintage anatomical physiology charts now newly framed and ready for display.

The images are detailed and skillfully executed. Signed by Robert E Holding - Zoological and Anatomical Artist. His colours have remained strong and vibrant.

We are offering the pictures for sale individually. However do let us know if you are interested in taking on the full set - if you have the requisite space and the desire?

John Tann & Co

A bit of local interest...the entire end of this terrace on Treadway Street in Hackney, London E2 still displays an advert for an historic London company - John Tann & Co. The lettering would originally have been painted in - probably in black. It would have been very impressive. It still looks good today if a little neglected - the letters set in relief into the rendered wall.

We have a very good run of their old document safes at the moment which we have restored and reimagined for use in today's modern interiors. You can find them on-line, in-store and they are also for sale on the lower ground floor at Selfridges, London.

We'll keep you posted of any other John Tann pieces that we come across...

1950s hospital cabinets - before & after

Great one-off pieces and several runs from the Czech Republic are now being restored and coming available online and instore.

We secured a good run of these very elegant former hospital cabinets. Under the thick white enamel there is a very slinky metal cabinet waiting to be revealed as you can see. Beautifully detailed with radius edges and formed panels - even louvre vents on the back. Ideal as bedside tables or as occasional tables.

If you are interested in a pair for your home, or perhaps one for your office or maybe it might be your chance to snap up a dozen for that special project... just let us know...?
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