Vintage Foundry Workbench

Here's another one of our foundry benches. We've managed to take a few pictures before it goes off to its new home in france (congratulations Sean!).

We're very pleased with how it's looking and running now it has been stripped down, washed up, scrubbed, sanded and lightly waxed. All the drawers are moving perfectly, the wood has the deep patination after years of oil spillages and the metal hardware is knocked and dinked and shining nicely.

Some of the smaller ones have been making their way through the shop and the website but the larger ones have not generally been posted. We have a range of benches from 5m to 3.5m to 2.5m to 1m. We cried when we had to unload the truck at our barn in Kent. It was an impossible task (almost) but thanks to our friendly neighbour's forklift we managed to do it...!

Let us know if you fancy one of these great benches for your space? Please give us a call or email in the first instance for prices and availability. They can usually be turned around to order in 2-3 weeks depending upon how busy we are.


let's go swimming

When brocanting in Rochefort who can resist a trip to the wild and windswept Île d'Oléron off the west coast of France? Less well known than its cousin Île de Ré - where Parisians flock for their summer break - it has many hidden secrets. Below are some pictures we snapped at one of its tiny sand beaches where you can purchase and personalise your own beach hut. Often made of wood these little houses are painted with stripes and reflect the many colours of the Atlantic Ocean which they look out onto.

In the spirit of the seaside and all things summery we have a very unusal victorian beach hut. Although showing signs of use it is still in relatively good condition and extremely charming. It is also very versatile as the yellow striped canopy is supported on a folding wooden frame so you can take it with you and put it on your beach anywhere. Ideal for this summer...

We also have a number of these vintage life-rings which have been salvaged from the port at Felixstowe. They look great in the sunshine with their bright citrus colours and each of them has got its own name - football clubs and more exotic destinations. Essential for the beach this summer...
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