Exhibition - made not manufactured

An exhibition of one-off domestic furniture pieces constructed from a personal collection of found and reclaimed materials. The second collection to be shown at elemental focuses on Blanchard's extensive vintage and antique drawer, door, sign and box collection.

Preview Thursday 23rd September: 5.30-7.30pm. The exhibition opens on 24th september 2010 for the London Design Festival and the Origin Contemporary Craft Fair in Spitalfields. The exhibition will continue througout October. The pieces will be available for purchase both in-store and online.

vide grenier

I'm sure that most of us are aware of the French 'brocante'. But where do the French brocanteurs find their merchandise?....Welcome to the 'vide grenier' - literally empty attic.

We couldn't resist a nose in this house to sniff around for some bargains. The house belonged to the family 'pepe' or grandfather who now at 100 had been cajoled by the family into moving out. The house was a well-patched up old townhouse with a courtyard and buildings to the rear. It was a time-capsule full of interesting bric-a-brac and accumulations. Almost more art installation than attic clearance.

We did fall in love with a fantastic ceramic sink and drainer that was built into the garage but the owner was not willing to part with it. As ever we were unable to resist a few gems which we snapped up. In true French fashion the owner was happy to deliver them to us at our lodgings in his truck for free purely on the promise of an 'apero'. Some of them are pictured - see if you can spot them when they come online.....

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