Upholstery Workshop

When you see a nice reconditioned leather sofa, armchair or daybed on our website or in our store you may wonder what has been done to restore it and what is it like inside?

Our upholsterer is trained in true east-end traditional techniques. He strips old chairs back to the frames which are then glued and fixed as neccessary. Springs are re-tied and/or replaced, linings reset and padding layered as required.

The bare leather is cut to shape and stretched into place. It is often secured by upholsterer's pins, stitched or sometimes even buttoned - as you can see here on these wing chairs that were recently restored.

The final stage of the process is the colouring of the leather - either as here to colour the whole chair or also to colour match in where repairs have been done, panels replaced or new cushions have been added. Nice job Martin!

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