New Year Sale

We are having a New Year Sale to make some space. Lots of one-off items reduced in price by up to 50%.
Buy online or visit us at our Spitalfields store.

Ten of these fantastic factory chairs remaining. Swivelling and height adjustable seats. Polished steel frames and plywood seats.

One of the last few pieces from Rupert Blanchard's upcycled collection of furniture. Lovingly put together and each piece unique. All now reduced.
A courtesy reduction of 10% off from our current collection of vintage mining lamps. These beautifully refurbished lamps work very well as focal points clustered in groups or in small runs so enjoy this temporary special price. 
All of our remaining pattern moulds have been reduced by 50%. Great abstract sculpture with a pop-art feel to decorate your walls.

Ruff Vintage

London continues to go from strength to strength as a centre for design excellence. We are very pleased to be featured in nya RUM - an interior design and architecture magazine in Sweden. A transcript of the interview is copied below:

How long have you had your store?

We have been trading from our Brushfield Street store in Spitalfields for the last 15 years and established our online offering 4 years ago after 2 years in development.

How would you describe it and the things you sell?

Our store and our on-line offering are a curated mixture of things that appeal to us and therefore will hopefully appeal to you. We are a source for restored, revitalised,re-interpreted and often re-imagined design, furniture, lighting and interiors. We aim our products with today's contemporary interiors in mind -be they commercial, retail, residential or project spaces.

Has the interest in vintage furniture increased the last years?

There has been a surge in interest in vintage furniture - be it industrial, old school, retro, or mid-century modern and demand seems to touch all generations. The increase in demand has also led to scarcity of supply for certain covetable pieces and we have seen prices in these areas rising.

What is the most popular product?

If there is demand we source many items in runs. At the moment factory lights, old school chairs, medical cabinets are all popular. We have just salvaged over 400 luggage racks from decommisioned railway carriages.

Where do you find all the fascinating furniture?

One of the exciting - and nail-biting - parts of the salvage industry is that we are never sure what will turn up next or from where! We turn away more offers than we accept as we are always looking for something that little bit different.

How much work do you do on each item before you sell it?

The amount of work depends on the piece itself. Does it already have integrity? Does it speak to us? Would we use it ourselves? How could we imagine using it? What possibiliites does it hold? Some pieces require no attention and other pieces require a lot. Some pieces speak straight away and we know what is to be done. Other pieces may sit untouched in our atelier literally for years as we come back to them again and again.

Vintage Mine Lamps

We have just received a very large consignment of vintage mining lamps from eastern europe. They have cleaned up beautifully and look really stunning when illuminated with their thick holophane glasses.

They have been rewired and fitted with earthed brass bayonet bulb-holders. They are ready to go!
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