Coast Magazine June 2011

The trend for all that is reclaimed and salvaged in interiors continues...Coast magazine borrowed several pieces off us for a photo shoot in their latest edition with a 'rescue' theme.

A Perry-Bouy life ring with the name of your favourite football club or holiday destination...we had a good run of these reclaimed from the freight port at Felixstowe Docks.

One of our salvaged kitchen cabinets. The worn and crackled paint looked so good and was such an individual statement that we couldn't bring ourselves to strip and polish these as is our usual habit. 

We have mounted them on legs and finished the legs and the interiors in a flat matt grey primer. If you are interested we still have 2 available. They look good side by side to create a long low entertainment console or seperated in a space as a neat pair.

Ideal Home Magazine May 2011

We have had a lot of our pieces covered in several magazine features over the last few months. We are going to make a better effort to get copies of more of them to feature on our blog.

This month's issue of Ideal Home Magazine has a couple of our items featured in their 'quiet revolution' feature. Can you spot them....?

A rare and collectible original 1950s Atomic Styled Scooter. This is a genuine vintage piece. We have never seen another one as good as this. And it is currently for sale reduced to half-price on our website...
Also featured were our last remaining set of Vintage Industrial Pigeon Holes. Once again these are a genuine vintage piece that we have carefully restored and rebuilt. As you can see it is incredibly practical and verstaile for today's modern living spaces. We have one remaining for sale on our website...

Vintage Work Tables

Amazing work-bench removed from the Wanderer motorcycle factory in Chemnitz. Dating back to the era of the factory's heyday in the early part of the last century these benches are the perfect size for building a motorbike on - not that you would neccessarily want to do that now with such a beautiful piece of industrial history.

We are used to heavy tables but these do really tip the scales. The 70mm thick beech tops come in at around 100 kilos and the riveted iron legs probably double that when they are all assembled. Each one is fitted with a pair of mechanics drawers which can be removed completely if required.

Power desk, dining table or retail merchandising display stand? It is entirely up to you. We have several currently in stock... so do let us know.

Just arrived!

Just a small selection of our latest vintage finds now updated online.

Fairground Mirror - we love these! This full length one is a great conversation piece. UK, c. 1960

Increasingly rare to find - a set of 6 vintage Tan Sad factory chairs. UK, c. 1950

Large bank of up-cycled drawers presented in a recycled packing case carcass - another masterpiece by Rupert Blanchard!
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