elemental featured in L' Urlo, Italian Art magazine

Italian Art Magazine L'Urlo have featured our Spitalfields store and several of our favourite pieces in their latest issue. They love London's great selection of vintage interior and design stores and they love elemental!

If your Italian is limited here's a translation of what they had to say about us:

"Elemental has a wide selection of goods ordered and exhibited. Inside their store is a more rigorous and sophisticated inventory that distinguishes this shop from those encountered before.
The proprietor Simon Heath explains that their philosophy is to search, to restore, to re-interpret, to re-imagine furniture, furnishings, lighting systems and other interesting objects.
Here beautiful original pieces can be found carefully restored coming from the most disparate industrial activities: old filing cabinets, lamps coming from mines or road illumination, stools, lockers and many other original and unusual pieces of industrial design. What is most exciting however is the ability to use this material, to knowingly re-interpret and re-design it in order to obtain new and wonderful pieces.
We find sideboards created from assemblages of different drawers, others covered in old enamelled advertising billboards. Heavy-duty industrial work-benches or tanks transformed to create tables presented with benches and stools from factories that would add warmth and character to the environments where they are placed.
Another table has a surface that has been created from a typographical letter mosaic and cast in resin. Other tables created from the undercarriages of carts, mine lamps and salvaged industrial lights hanging, shelves made from old train luggage racks and many other things still. There are also wall decorations that originate from foundry pattern stamps that are introduced as real works of art. All perfect products for environments and spaces of contemporary taste."

Just arrived!

Just a small selection of our latest vintage finds now updated online.

Salvaged Painter Table - we have kept original folded zinc top with its fantastic deep palette of colours from years of accumulated splashes. Unique dining table. UK, c. 1920

Industrial coffee table - former Bermondsey leather cutter’s bench top mounted on cast iron trolley wheels. Great centre-piece assembled from reclaimed parts. UK, c. 1930.

 Finely crafted German antique display cabinet. Decorative top moulding. Impressive original gun-metal hinges and re-keyed lock. c. 1920.
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