The Independent - 50 best furniture shops

Kate Watson-Smyth of The Independent tracked down the hidden gems to help you decorate your home. And she named elemental as one of the 50 best furniture shops in the UK. Thanks Kate! Click on the image to go to the article.

'elemental - the trick with vintage is to know how to use it and the odd piece scattered in with more contemporary furniture is probably the best way to avoid overkill. A fabulous clock, an old table with modern chairs. This store has those dramatic pieces'.

Some odd customers...

One of the things about having a store in Spitalfields is that you are never sure who you are going to bump in to or who is going to walk in through the door. Celebrities, artists, musicians, footballers or even dragons..... However we were quite taken by surprise recently at this ensemble of very unusual characters.

We are still not sure who they were, where they came from or quite what they were doing..... but nevertheless they were enthusiastic at the prospect of posing for pictures with some of our furniture.

New Arrivals

There is lots of new stock arriving on a daily basis at our warehouse from all over the UK and Europe. Our Spitalfields store has new stock every Sunday. And the website has just been updated with some of our latest finds. Click on the images for more photographs and information.

Jamie's Italian Birmingham

Our steel-tube chairs have been popping up all over the place during the last 12 months. We have supplied several runs of chairs for Jamie Oliver's expanding group of restaurants through our friends at Blacksheep.

More of photographer Gareth Gardner's pictures of the interior of the restaurant can be seen here.

We have several good runs of steel-tube chairs currently in stock - some of which were highlighted in our recent exhibition.

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