What our customers say..

We wanted to share some positive feedback from some of our recent customers.  Many of our customers buy on-line from us and we arrange their transportation and shipping all over the world...and more locally.

"...our action 'moving the big armoire' is done! We got everything! Thank you very much!"

Jana Plodkova
December 2011

Jana purchased an antique Qing Dynasty Armoire. ( We still have one left if it catches anyone's eye!)

"I´m glad to say that the cabinet is already at home and I´m very happy. It was all an adventure with the English driver, a very kind man, but it was all fine. Thank you very much for everything. We might contact you again in the future"

Eva Urbano

Zaragoza, Spain
November 2011

Eva brought one of our current run of Haberdashery Cabinets. We have more in stock and coming into stock - so do contact us if you are interested in more details.

"gorgeous, we love it! thank you x"

Stephanie Keelan

December 2011

Stephanie snapped up the Kodak Slide-viewer featured in our recent newsletter leaving many people disappointed - it was a great piece. Congratulations Stephanie!

"It worked! Got the T-spanner (in fact, me and my mates have loads of them, just did not know a 5 sided tool would work too) and opened the explosion lamp, fitted a bulb and hung it over my desk in my office! Fantastic!!! I love it!’

Diederick Kraaijeveld

December 2011

Diederick brought an explosion lamp from us in our store on impulse just before flying home. We were able to help him with a few fitting issues and luckily he didn't regret his purchase! During our email exchanges we now realise that Diederick is an internationally reknowned recycling artist - you can see Diederick's recycled artwork here.

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