Mannequins Collection

We have a great collection of Antique and Vintage French  Mannequins available at the moment. Each of them is unique and distinctive in their own right - haut-couture, wasp-waisted  - all with elegant proportions.

Most of the tailor's mannequins were made by Siegel and Stockman and all are complete with their original stands and fittings. We also have a couple of rare miniature mannequins. These were not salesman's samples but are perfectly proportioned for the production of reduced-scale sample garments. The mannequins are currently on display and for sale at our Spitalfields store, or you can find more information and purchase online at, or do feel free to give us a call.

New collection of upcycled cabinets

We have the latest collection of upcycled cabinets just arrived. They are available to purchase in-store and on-line exclusively at elemental.  Created by Rupert Blanchard - British Design Award Winner 2012.

Click on any of the images of the cabinets below to go to our website for more information. Or give us a call or pop into our Spitalfields store.

in the shop...

Lots of great pieces and interesting stuff is currently on display and for sale at our Spitalfields store.

All of our pieces are original finds or creations. Before being offered for sale they will have been either restored, rebuilt, reimagined or just simply preserved.

Have a look around and discover some of our latest finds in the pictures below. Visit us online for more information or pay us a visit in Spitalfields where we are open 6 days a week, or email us, or give us a call. We look forward to seeing you soon!

New Arrivals

Our latest finds have just been updated to view and to purchase online on our website. We have factory chairs, refurbished steel cabinets, lots of salvaged industrial lighting as well as a great selection of antique and vintage Stockman and Seigel mannequins ..... as well as a few more unusual pieces.

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