just arrived!

Lots of new stock arriving daily. These pieces have just come in and are now available to view at our Spitalfields store and online.

This oversized run of vintage school lockers have a strong presence and would look great in all sorts of situations. We thought maybe in an entrance hall or passageway....

More oversized stock...two very large wall moununted factory clocks. These have been fully restored in polished metal cases and illuminate via a switched flex.
The faces are very attractive and their French origin is underlined by their slanted profile which brings to mind a vintage Citroen DS...

Time to relax in this great sofa... we say in rather than on as it is more of a daybed than a straight forward sofa.
It has been patiently and sympathetically restored by our upholsterer: re-tied springs, re-webbed, frame fixed, new back springs, new paddings, new wheels.. Now ready for service in a hard-wearing flint grey railroad fabric.

This is an incredible workbench - the top is a single piece of wood.
The table has been given a thorough clean-up and has been lightly retored to leave the wear to the base and to bring out the deep beauty of the wooden top.

In contrast to our block table a very delicate and timelessly elegant pair of Chinese mandarin's chairs.

An example of a very rare Chinese Armoire from Shanxi Province. Traditionally presented in pairs to the newly weds and commonly called matrimonial or wedding cabinets.
This was one of a pair. It has recieved a few running repairs over the years and displays a particularly appealing crackle to it's lacquer.
The partner cabinet was purchased from us a few years back by a certain well-known actress....

before and after...

A large consignment of factory trays have hit the workshop. It was commented that they were rather nice baking trays. The level of grease and oil not to mention the smell suggested otherwise. 
Coming from a dirty and greasy industrial environment they are 100% authentic and wear their hearts on their sleeves with many from the batch showing signs of running repairs from their years of heavy use.

After de-greasing and burnishing they are looking a lot more presentable and ready for sale - online and instore. They maintain their robust and functional appearance - we love their sparse and square aesthetic -  and are now ready for re-use and whatever you may wish to throw at them or in them - filing, toys, stock samples, parts and pieces etc.
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