Rare Innovation Suitcases*****

What's inside? Let us open these luxury vintage INNOVATION suitcases to discover...

Innovation was a well known American company which specialized in luxury travel wardrobe suitcases. Innovation had a boutique on Les Champs Elysées in Paris up to the end of the sixties - which we guess was where these suitcases were originally purchased from.
Their condition is excellent and despite the 60s style 'Guatemala' sticker on the side of the smaller suitcase we do not think from the look of them that they have done much travelling. From the outside they certainly appear to be almost more decorative than functional.
Inside they are even more impressive. Heavily branded with the Innovation insignis they retain all of their original fittings and even the collapsable Innovation hangers and internal straps are still intact.

Inside the smaller suitcase,

Inside the taller suitcase,

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