New Cabinets by Rupert Blanchard

A visually stunning upcycled cabinet from our good friend and award winning furniture designer and constructor Rupert Blanchard. We love the juxtaposition of textures, materials and colours on the front of this cabinet. The reproductions that have proliferated since Rupert was awarded Best British Product Design for an earlier series of this cabinet in The British Design Awards 2011 do not come close to the presence of this genuine bespoke hand-built cabinet. And the attention to every detail continues when you look inside....

This is the second cabinet from this series and is lower than the previous cabinet shown above. Rupert has created an ebonised style of black finish to the plywood carcass which picks out and enhances the grains in the salvaged wooden drawers. Don't let it burn !

Both of these pieces are currently for sale online and available to view at our Spitalfields store if you wish to experience them in the real world!

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