Our new shop - work in progress to reveal the past...

An impressive iron pillar uncovered and emerging from the rubble during the renovations at our new shop in the listed Wells & Company Commercial Ironworks Building at 130 Shoreditch High Street London E1 6JE. Opening April 2014.

After many hours of scraping, scratching, banging and knocking, we have discovered this original stone skirting border which we are hoping to keep. We have removed two false ceilings to bring the ground floor back to its original and impressive height of 3.7 metres - complete with original brick arches, cast iron pillars and columns and plaster friezes.
Peeling layers after layers these superimposed retro wallpapers, to reveal a grand decor mural, testimony of the past occupants tastes and previous trends.  

Down the creaky steps and into a Dickensian cellar.  Sprung with Victorian arches, cast iron pipework and even an old chimney breast and fireplace. We have permission from the conservation office to replace the stairs - needed! - although we plan to keep the catacomb atmosphere as original as possible.

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