A few years ago we had some visitors from Germany - Rainer and Nicole - who came to see us at our shop. They were looking for a centre piece table and chairs for their soon to open delicatessen and wine bar.

Naturally enough they were drawn to one of old workbenches that were salvaged for the former German Wanderer Motorcycle Factory. The benches were the perfect size and height for hand building a motorbike on.
Teamed up with a set of 8 of our Tan-Sad work-chairs that came from a closed down Black Country factory the former workbench and chairs now provide Rainer and Nicole's clientele at Emma2 with the perfect place for wine-tastings.

If you wish to create a similar style we would recommend from our current collection the Work Block Table with a set of 6 Tripod Stools.

Ping Pong Table Collection by Rupert Blanchard

Why not win the match with your desk?
A one-off series of 3 tables by Rupert Blanchard ingeniously re-imagined and put together from a group of table tennis tables that he found abandoned, broken and long forgotten in a South London Scout Hut. We like the colour variations and the mixing of forms. And there are surprises too with the drawers that can be swivelled to point in any direction....
These items are currently available for sale and can be purchased on-line at www.elemental.uk.com. Or if you are in the area why not pop along to our pop-up space at 4b Sheep Lane, London Fields E8 4QS where you can see them for yourself. Or do give us a call on +44 (0)20 7247 7588.

Another Discovery from our New Shop Restoration

As we dig and peel away the layers of accumulation and begin to reconstruct our new shop at 130 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JE we continue to discover more forgotten relics of the past life of this very old building.
This awning was found encased deep within several revisions of the former shopfront. It has been sealed up in its wooden case for the last 70 years we believe - Levene Modern Cut Tailors. If you know anything about Levene - maybe you have one of their jackets or coats hanging in your wardrobe?..... please let us know.....
Despite our change of address our contact details remain unchanged. You can email us on shop@elemental.uk.com or you can speak to us on the phone +44 (0)20 7247 7588.

Pool Table Lamps

Photo by Simon Maxwell.

Our modernist style Transformer Lamps make a real statement and probably provide a good wash of light hung above this Pool Table in the Games Room of this house featured in the December 2013 issue of Home Building & Renovating Magazine.

These lights with their large scale, simple modern lines, black enamel shades and mirror polished ribbed transformers have proved to be very popular. We have a great run of these lights currently still available for purchase whether your project requires 1,2, 20 or more.

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