If you are passing by...

Pop into our shop at 130 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JE to discover the latest collection of  Re-imagined Cabinets designed and built by Rupert Blanchard... as well as our new range of  Lock-lights designed and built by Colin Chetwood... delicate and subtle, an elegantly curved thin sheet of birch which could be inspired by wood shavings... recalling the Autumn colour palette?

The latest collection of up-cycled cabinets by Rupert Blanchard incorporate his signature reclaimed drawers and enamel-plate signs set into carcasses that have been built from plywood that was salvaged from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park building site and retains it's bright yellow hoarding paint. Re-imagined and re-used.

Our collection of desk and floor flights by Colin Chetwood incorporate a pleasing mixture of materials as well as a unique locking mechanism that allows the lamp to be adjusted to a variety of different positions. The lamps with spun steel shades are fitted with low energy leds and there is also a double headed floor lamp.

The collection of lamps are ideal for illuminating desk and other spaces as the darker autumn evenings draw in. There is also a limited edition exclusive to elemental of birch-shade desk lamps with reclaimed chunky angle-iron bases.

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