Tea time with Ikuko's tactile ceramics collection

Discover these delicate ceramics...for refined special gifts
IKUKO Iwamoto creates hand-made porcelain sculptural tableware.
The microscopic world, especially its intricate patterns are the major inspiration for her work.
Her pieces suggest the everyday, the ordinary, but are in fact extra-ordinary.
She uses the skill of slip-casting with plaster-moulds, and later on the decorative glazes are applied.
All of her pieces are produced one by one at her Clerkenwell studio in London.
She would like people to use them in their daily life and enjoy the tactile nature of her work.

Ceramic milk jug with yellow dots

Ceramic cups

Ceramic tall mug

Ceramic mugs

Ceramic bowls

Ceramic small cups

Recycled Bicycle Chain Chandelier

How many recycled bicycle chains does it take to make a chandelier like this? - 600 should do it.

Made in Holland by artist Laurence van Seventer using a plentiful natural resource that would otherwise be scrapped this imposing recycled bicycle chain chandelier is a one-off creation that is nearly a metre in diameter and over 3.5m in height.

Despite its humble origin it is elegant, refined, and diffuses a warm atmospheric light projecting unexpected shadows and patterns onto the surrounding walls and ceilings of the space. 

It is very interesting also to see the chains close-up where their differing levels of wear, colouration and slight variations in shape give the chandelier a surprisingly natural and unforced ambience. 

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