Homes & Antiques, Summer 2015

Up-cycled cupboard by Rupert Blanchard.

French stone lithographs.

Set of ten metal plates hand-painted with different numbers on both sides.

Haberdashery Designs & Drawings

We were very fortunate to not only get the opportunity to acquire a wonderful run of English Oak Haberdashery Drawers - part of which is shown  below - in pristine condition from the family shop where they have served for last 75 years but also the beautifully precise and well conserved original archive shop fitting drawings to reveal the story of these beautifully built pieces.

Fly away!

Even if you are not flying away today you can feel like it with this re-imagined aerodynamic Aircraft Trunk Bench. The perfect height for sitting and perfect for stowing/storing luggage/stuff. 

Designed and built in the UK by Harry Dwyer and Charlie Waller from the cabin storage lid and other accessories (including the original gas-struts so the lid opens slowly!) from an Airbus A320 along with birch-ply and recycled valchromat composite wood. (10% of the net sale price of this piece goes to childhood cancer charity NCCA UK). Shown here with some of our matching sky blue Cox Ski-leg Chairs.

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