Shoreditch Design Triangle 17th - 25th September 2016

Pop in to discover our selected designers at Elemental during the London Design Festival.

 Low upcycled drawer Cabinet by Rupert Blanchard.A large bank of selected found drawers all now re-homed in a well-fitted ply carcass

Ping pong desk by Rupert Blanchard. Artfully re-imagined & created from a salvaged ping-pong table. One end supported by a set of 3 swivel drawers built from the table-top off-cuts and the other supported by the reclaimed table legs. 1 from an original series of 3 table.

Upcycled cabinet using a variety of colourful reclaimed laminated formica components in a ply carcass, by Rupert Blanchard.

Reclaimed printer’s type tray re-imagined and re-fitted with colourful perspex off-cuts. Can hang individually or as a pair or triptych. Designed by Jet.

Ceramic Teapot, milk jug and small cups. Hand-made tactile porcelain tableware in a variety of colours by Ikuko Iwamoto.

Tactile ceramic vase collection made using a slip-cast technique. Set of 15 pieces which can be bought individualy. Handmade by Ikuko Iwamoto.
Reimagined traditional wine glass. The stem fills up with wine also - a bonus! Artisan mouthblown in France from borosilicate glass. By Laurence Brabant.
Oil Bottle by Laurence Brabant.
Spirit bottle by Laurence Brabant.

Carafe with 2 spouts, Jug with hollow handle, Carafe with slopping neck, all designed by Laurence Brabant.

Birdboxes re-imagined from the air conditioning and fuel pipes from an Airbus 320. Created by Harry Dwyer and Charlie Waller.
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