Sculptural furniture by Mark Beverton

 Mark Beverton is one of Elemental's favourite selected designers. He began making furniture from a very young age in his father's workshop in Sussex. Sculptural furniture designer maker, artist, engineer, prop maker and master craftman, Mark creates beautiful and practical pieces. Trio of Double Task Lamps by Mark Beverton.

'Each item of furniture is hand built to the highest standard in the time honoured way, many hundred's hours can go into a beautiful piece that is built to last, akin to a work of art, will improve with age'. Above: Rise and Fall Table and the Single Task Lamp, both by Mark Beverton.

Polished hydraulic rise and fall with inlaid wood veneer top. Ideal heights for coffee/side table.

'Like my father before me I also have a great interest in sculpting, engineering and art which I incorporate into my furniture, attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship are very important characteristic’s of my work, in our throw away society it is a refreshing change to have a piece of furniture that can be cherished and handed on to future generations'.

Double Task lamp by Mark Beverton shown with leather bench by Davidson Highley. Polished double headed individually switched Memlite lamps mounted on steel floor stands with bespoke wood and laminated formica bases.

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