Zero Waste Bag Workshops - 1st & 2nd December

New creative workshops coming up at Elemental Studio!

Create a Zero Waste Origami Bag made from hand picked vintage furnishing textiles, by sustainable designers Aurore Thibout and Laurence Teillet.

Make a beautiful and practical bag for yourself or offer it as a unique gift to someone special this Christmas!

Saturday 1st December - 10.30am to 5.30pm.

Sunday 2nd December - 10.30am to 5.30pm.

Info and Booking at

Copyright©2018. Zero Waste Origami Bag Designs by Aurore Thibout, Emilie Zanon and Laurence Teillet. All rights reserved.

For books and more...

Cast iron library shelving system. Double sided with 3 bays and over 30 adjusting shelves. Remarkably the system can be flat packed and built in situ. All original components including the wooden shelves. 2 sets available. British, c1900.

Wood Fired Shower

We believe that this was formerly a campaign shower. A wood burning stove at the back heats the water for the shower. The tank is copper with the chimney running through the middle. Connections for a cold water supply and a mixer tap for hot/cold and shower/bath. French, c 1900.

A collector piece!

' La douche à Raizeux ' by Robert Doisneau 1949.

Hot!!! But not as fun as this...

Harvest time!

If you still haven't picked your apples, these ladders might be very useful! If you don't have an orchard, they can be great at home in the kitchen and bathroom, or to reach some books on a high shelf in the library...

Elegant orchard ladders. Made with a pitch pine frame and turned oak treads. Could be used with or without the bracing armatures - which are easily removed if needed. 3 available. British, c1940.

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